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Best Plant Based Meal Delivery Services: More Veg, Less Stress

Forget about spending hours planning your food shopping! 

Thanks to the best plant-based meal delivery services, switching to a meat-free lifestyle or incorporating more veggie recipes won’t be time-consuming.

Whether you’d rather receive pre-portioned ingredients with recipe cards or ready meals to heat up, let’s help you find the right plant-based meal delivery service for your lifestyle and budget.


OUR TOP PICK: Purple Carrot

Lots of different plans with options for more meals as well as traditional dinner subscriptions


Health-focused ready meals relying on gluten-free and organic ingredients


Healthy and varied, it’s one of the very few plant-based meal kit deliveries to offer options for 6

QUICK & EASY: HelloFresh

Fast and straightforward recipes for households who don’t follow specific diets


Ready meals that don’t look nor taste like typical diet-food thanks to exciting twists on classic recipes

Best plant-based meal delivery services that are both meat- and hassle-free

Here are the signature features of the best plant-based meal delivery services currently on the market:

Fresh n’ Lean
  • 6-11 weekly options
  • Fresh ready meals
  • Starts at $7.93/serving
Green Chef
  • 9 weekly options
  • Organic and with more customizable plans
  • Starts at $9.99/serving
  • Around 6 weekly options
  • Simple but varied
  • Starts at $7.49/serving
  • Over 30 or 50 options depending on the plan
  • Entirely organic and gluten-free
  • Starts at $9.90/serving
  • 6 weekly options
  • Professional weight-loss plan
  • Starts at $9.90/serving
Splendid Spoon
  • Over 50 weekly options
  • Customizable plans to cover any meal you want
  • Starts at $9.25/serving
Blue Apron
  • 3 weekly options
  • Great value for money
  • Always $9.99/serving
  • Wide range of recipes rather than weekly menu
  • Grocery-style with recipes
  • Starting from $59/week

1. Purple Carrot - Best Meal Kit

Unlike most plant-based meal kit deliveries that only focus on dinnertime, Purple Carrot offers options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, too. 

purple carrot review

Find out more in our Purple Carrot review or have a little taste of the kind of recipes you can expect:

  • Coconut Tofu with Mango Midnight Grains & Spicy Cucumbers
  • Barbecue Seitan with Rotini Pasta Salad
  • Crispy Potato Skillet with Snap Pea Slaw & Scallion Sour Cream

One of the best meal kit options for singles and a great choice for couples and families, Purple Carrot’s servings range between $9.99 and $11.99.

The Good

  • You can cover different meals
  • High-Protein, Chef’s Choice, and Gluten-Free plans
  • Free shipping 

The Bad

  • No ingredient or allergy options
  • Fairly small menu

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Purple Carrot Best For?

Especially singles or couples who’re focused on healthy eating (and aren’t too picky).

Limited Time Offer: Save $30 off Purple Carrot with code carrot30

2. Fresh n’ Lean - Best Ready Meals

While this ready meal company isn’t entirely plant-based, Fresh n’ Lean offers both a ‘standard’ and ‘low-carb’ vegan plan.

freshnlean meals

You can also choose to cover just dinner, lunch, breakfast, or the combination that best suits your lifestyle.

For example, here’s what you could receive:

  • Pumpkin Chili With Cilantro Aioli
  • Lentils And Herb Roasted Potatoes with Beyond Beef® Crumbles
  • Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal

Your price-per-portion could reach $12.64 (on the pricey side for a pre-made meal) but also be as little as $7.93 (yay!).

The Good

  • Fresh, gluten-free, and organic
  • You can avoid ingredients and allergens
  • Add-ons like snacks

The Bad

  • Big price difference
  • Limited choice, especially for the Low-Carb vegan plan

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Fresh n’ Lean Best For?

Those who haven’t always got time for food-prep but still want to eat the healthiest meals.

3. Green Chef - Best for Large Households

Entirely organic, Green Chef includes a Plant-Powered plan with both vegetarian and vegan options.

green chef meal kit review

It’s also one of the top weight-loss meal kit services, but never bland. In fact, here’s the type of healthy meals that you can expect (you can see even more in our Green Chef review):

  • Caribbean Cauliflower Bowls
  • Orange-Miso Tofu
  • Butternut & Porcini Linguine

Green Chef is one of the very few meal kit deliveries that offers options for 6 people too, with portions ranging from $9.99 to $11.99.

The Good

  • Plans for larger households 
  • Organic produce
  • Creative recipes

The Bad

  • Shipping for 6 becomes $26.97 instead of $8.99

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Green Chef Best For?

Large household and anyone who wants to enjoy healthy plant-based food without compromising on flavors and variety.

4. HelloFresh - Quick & Easy

The largest meal kit delivery (1) is an all time-favorite crowd-pleaser.

hellofresh meal kit delivery

In fact, HelloFresh includes a simple but practical vegetarian plan with half a dozen plant-based recipes every week.

How do these sound?

  • Rainbow Thai Noodle Toss with Edamame, Chili Sauce, Peanuts & Cilantro
  • Chimichurri Grilling Cheese Toasties with Caramelized Onion & Southwest Potato Wedges
  • Roasted Veggie Kale Salad with Parm Frico & Garlic Ciabatta

You can learn more about its pricing structure in our HelloFresh review but, to give you an idea, it goes from a super-cheap $7.49 to $12.49 per portion (plus $8.99 shipping).

The Good

  • Inspiring range of familiar and creative recipes
  • Great value for money with larger plans
  • Practical ordering process

The Bad

  • No vegan plan
  • Expensive for fewer servings
  • You can’t opt out of certain ingredients

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is HelloFresh Best For?

Those who simply want to introduce more plant-based meals but aren’t following a vegan lifestyle nor a specific diet.

Limited Time Offer: Save $80 in total over your 5 deliveries, including free shipping on the first box!

5. Veestro - Weight Loss Options

A healthy and organic ready-meal delivery with an a la carte and weight-loss plan.

veestro reviews

Whether you choose to receive them as a one-off or a subscription, the meals offered by this Veggie Awards winner (2) usually include a wide range of plant-based twists on familiar classics: 

  • Red Curry with Tofu
  • Enchilada Casserole
  • Portobello Steak Dinner

With options for 10, 20 or 30 frozen meals per week, portions are around $9.90-11.70

The Good

  • Free shipping
  • Picky-eater-proof recipes
  • Organic ingredients

The Bad

  • Fairly expensive for a frozen meal

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Veestro Best For?

For professionals who want to focus on saving time, eating healthily, and potentially losing weight (and who don’t mind paying a bit more for this convenience).

GET $40 off Your First Order with CODE: POWERPLANT30

6. Sprinly - Gluten-Free

While very few of the best plant-based meal delivery services offer one of these plans, Sprinly is entirely gluten-free.

Sprinly reviews

Its ready meals are also delivered fresh (not frozen) and include tasty options such as:

  • Zucchini Pasta Marinara with Superfood Veggie Balls
  • Coconut Kale and Quinoa Antioxidant Salad with Hemp Seeds and Apple Balsamic
  • Indian Roasted Vegetable Curry with Cashew Quinoa

We were surprised to find that Sprinly is around $16-18 per meal, so you’d better be extremely committed to a plant-based and gluten-free lifestyle.

The Good

  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Delicious recipes

The Bad

  • Expensive, especially for singles
  • Limited choice

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Sprinly Best For?

While these organic and gluten-free meals are undeniably mouth-watering, we only recommend Sprinly if budget is not one of your concerns.

Limited Time Offer: Save up to $30 off your first 3 weeks of Sprinly!

7. Splendid Spoon - All Meals

Gluten-free, GMO-free, pre-made, but never frozen.

splendid spoon reviews

Splendid Spoon’s ready meals are a healthy option with plans ranging from breakfast to lunch or dinner and various different combinations. 

For example, you could choose:

  • Butternut Turmeric Soup with Sweet Potatoes & Nutmeg
  • Vegan Meatballs & Marinara Noodles with Spinach & Vegan Parmesan
  • Mango Guava Smoothie with Camu Camu & Lime Juice

While Splendid Spoon doesn’t disappoint when it comes to choice (over 50 weekly options!), it can get as expensive as $13 per smoothie, so take some time to create the right plan for you.

The Good

  • Free shipping
  • GMO-free, gluten-free, and fresh
  • Several plans

The Bad

  • One of the most expensive services
  • Limited type of meals (smoothies, soup or grain bowls, noodles)

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Splendid Spoon Best For?

Time-poor professionals who like to stick to a familiar culinary routine and are happy to pay more money for higher-quality ingredients.

8. Blue Apron - Budget Pick

Blue Apron might not be an entirely plant-based meal delivery service, but it does include a practical vegetarian plan.

blueapron meal kit reviews

This subscription is full of both classics and exciting global-inspired dishes such as:

  • Butternut Squash Enchiladas with Honey-Chipotle Sauce
  • Pesto & Kale Pasta with Mascarpone
  • Hot Honey Brussels Sprout & Sweet Potato Grain Bowls with Pickled Shallot & Walnuts

As you can see in our Blue Apron review, the vegetarian plan is only available for 2 (but singles can still use it for double the nights) and it’s only $9.99 per serving.

The Good

  • Cheaper than most plant-based meal delivery services
  • Includes a wine club and shop
  • Simple but tasty recipes
  • Free shipping with most plans

The Bad

  • No vegan plan
  • No family option
  • Only 3 recipes per week
  • $7.99 shipping charge for two-night plan

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Blue Apron Best For?

Blue Apron is the best plant-based meal delivery service for singles or couples who don’t follow a specific diet and are happy to compromise on choice to save quite a bit of money.

For New Customers: Save $84 over your first 4 boxes!

9. Hungryroot - Groceries

A unique delivery service with tons of plant-based options.

hungryroot reviews

Hungryroot is perhaps more similar to online groceries, but it still sends you recipes for your main ingredients. For example:

  • Simple Caesar Nicoise
  • Veggies 'n Guac Summer Bowl
  • Kale Pesto Pasta Salad

Unlike most of the best plant-based meal delivery services in this list, its plans start from $59 per week rather than including a per-portion breakdown.

The Good

  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Both vegan and vegetarian options

The Bad

  • Repetitive meat-replacements
  • Confusing website experience

What Kind of Plant-Based Eater Is Hungryroot Best For?

Whoever doesn’t want to feel boxed in with a traditional meal kit subscription but is still looking to save time by receiving recipes for their ingredients.

3 Things You Must Consider About Plant-Based Meal Delivery Services

Remember: the best plant-based meal delivery service for you is simply the one that matches your habits, requirements, and budget. 

How much time have you got on your hands?

Be realistic! Depending on whether or not you wish to be involved with the cooking side of things, you can choose between:

  • A plant-based meal kit delivery that sends you recipes and pre-portioned ingredients 
  • A plant-based ready-meal delivery of pre-made portions to heat up in your microwave or oven

What meals are you planning on covering?

Think of your routine and how you wish to improve it:

  • Pretty much every plant-based meal delivery offers dinner options
  • Some others include add ons and plans for other meals
  • Very few let you choose to only cover breakfast or lunch 

As well as a plant-based approach, have you got any other requirements?

  • Some plant-based meal delivery services are suitable for vegans, some others only for vegetarians
  • Do you follow a specific diet (e.g. gluten-free or low-carb)? Some plant-based meal deliveries include dietary requirements. However, if you don’t… no point in spending more money on one that does if you’re only going to use its standard plan, right?
  • Have you got an allergy? Then look for a plant-based meal delivery service that lets you avoid a specific ingredient


Still have some questions? That’s what we’re here for!

1. What is the best vegan meal delivery service?

The best vegan meal delivery service is Purple Carrot because: unlike many plant-based meal delivery services that are actually vegetarian or only offer limited vegan dishes, it’s entirely vegan. 

Plus, it has gluten-free options and allows you to cover more meals than just dinners, if you wish.

2. Does HelloFresh have plant-based meals?

Yes, HelloFresh has plant-based meals and even an entire vegetarian plan with a few vegan recipes, too.

3. How much is Purple Carrot a month?

The monthly cost of Purple Carrot depends on how many meals and portions you wish to cover, but it can range from $287.76 (two nights for two people) to $479.52 per month (three nights for four), always including free shipping.

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