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Welcome to Meal Bakery.

As the world grows increasingly fast-paced, meal kits have become one of the quickest and easiest ways to save time without sacrificing nutrition.

But what if you don't know which meal kits are actually worth the money? What if you need a little help in sorting through all of the meal reviews out there? 

At Meal Bakery, our goal is to help you cut through the noise and figure out which meal kits are reputable, affordable and right for you. We only recommend food that we've personally tasted, and we make sure that the values of other brands match our own. We want to be your one-stop shop for premium meal reviews.

How it All Started

Meal Bakery was started by a group of food and nutrition experts who were tired of meal review websites that failed to provide accurate, high-quality information about the products and services that they were evaluating. We knew that we could do a more thorough job, so we decided to turn our thoughts into action and create our own brand.

Our Mission

The one and only purpose of Meal Bakery is to help you make smart decisions about your food. Whether it's comparing the calories of different meal plans or deciding if a certain delivery system is worth a subscription, we want you to have all of the information that you need to make better, healthier choices about what you put on the dinner table.

Our Review Process

We don't write a single word at Meal Bakery until we've picked up a fork. All of our reviews come with a quality assurance guarantee: We test everything that we review, and it has to meet high standards before we recommend it to our readers.

How do we evaluate the meal kits that we've ordered? Here are just a few of the things that we look at:

  • Freshness. Are the veggies crisp? Do the juices feel like they were just squeezed from the fruit? 
  • Nutrition. Can the meals be incorporated into a healthy diet? Are they vegan, organic, kosher, homegrown or free of artificial ingredients? Does the kit come with nutritional information included? 
  • Value. Simply put, is it worth the money? Are you getting a good deal in every box? 


We aren't paid for our reviews at Meal Bakery. We aren't promoted or sponsored by any third parties. Our reviews are fair, honest and unbiased, and we're committed to providing accurate research data about everything that we cook. Food is our life, and we're willing to stake our reputation on the integrity of our kitchen. Whether the review is good or bad, you can count on us to be genuine with you!

There are a lot of meal reviews out there. Once you've found Meal Bakery, however, you can rest assured that you're getting informative, high-quality data on everything from trans fats to order tracking.

We know that you want to make healthy choices about your meal kits. Let us be the tool that helps you get the job done.

Our Team

At Meal Bakery, we are passionate about what we do. Here are some of the amazing people who work with Meal Bakery...

Garrett Oden - Chief Editor & Content Strategist

More than an enthusiast foodie, Garrett Oden is a freelance copywriter and content marketer for food and beverage brands around the world. He’s especially interested in how food technology is reshaping how regular people eat—including meal kits.

Not all meal kit companies are equal, and Garrett’s on the hunt to see which ones have the freshest ingredients, the best tasting recipes, and the clearest cooking instructions.

How Garrett Fell Into Food Writing

While a barista at a local coffee shop, Garrett found a niche writing articles for other coffee companies. After a few years, it developed into the full-time gig, enabling Garrett to travel, eat, and cook for a living.

From creating recipes for well-known food blogs to helping businesses describe their dishes to customers, Garrett fell in love with the craft of food writing. He’s been doing this for over three years now.

How Garrett Approaches Meal Kit Reviews

Garrett knows his way around a kitchen, but he’s not a snob—and he hates when food companies make things confusing for customers. That’s why he approaches meal kit reviews with these three things in mind:

  • Taste — Does the food taste great? Fresh ingredients, balanced flavors, and well-rounded recipes are essential to winning in this category.
  • Clarity — Are the instructions understandable? If the recipe card is missing steps or out-of-touch with the reader, Garrett’s going to notice (and warn you).
  • Convenience — Does the meal kit make convenience a priority, or is there still a lot of organization that needs to happen when the box arrives?

Garrett always includes his wife or a trusted friend when reviewing each recipe to ensure the feedback is well-rounded and fair.

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Garrett’s work has been featured in magazine and brand websites spanning the food industry, from coffee publications to lifestyle journals to food tech blogs. You can read his other work here:

Giada Nizzoli - Food Expert and Meal Kit Reviewer

There’s no way you could be born in Italy and not be passionate about food!

Since the pleasure of gathering around a table to eat together has been slowly dying out, Giada loves finding solutions that can make it work with our busy, modern lifestyles.

How Giada Fell Into Food Writing

Before discovering marketing and becoming a freelance copywriter, Giada has worked in hospitality for seven years.

She went from serving drinks at a small hotel in her hometown when she was 17 to managing large sections of tables in some crazy-busy restaurants in London and learning all about coffee in the loveliest cafés.

There was no way she was going to leave that bustling world behind when she became a copywriter!

She has worked with food & beverage companies across all kinds of cuisines and environments, from Neapolitan pizza served in hip restaurants to Asian-fusion noodles to take away and, now, practical meal kits delivered to people’s doors.

How Giada Approaches Meal Kit Reviews

Giada knows that, just because a meal kit delivery is widely regarded as the best, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s automatically the best option for that specific reader.

That’s why she’s passionate about finding the right meal kit delivery for different types of customers, from time-poor single professionals to health-focused couples and large families with picky kids.

As well as focusing on taste and freshness, she will always take the time to figure out what type of customer each meal kit is perfect for and she definitely has an eye for sustainability.

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Lizzy Briskin - Writer, Chef & Recipe Developer

Lizzy is a chef, freelance food writer and always-curious home cook. 

She’s passionate about making home cooking fun and accessible and is on a mission to help everyone eat delicious food that makes them feel their best, however it fits into their schedule. 

How Lizzy Fell Into Food Writing

While working in the meal kit industry, Lizzy became more interested in the work of the in-house culinary team. She decided to go to culinary school, where she fell in love with the process of designing new recipes and meals with unique and unexpected ingredient combinations. 

She launched Earthen Food Co. to offer recipe development and food writing services to national CPG companies, personal blogs and food media publications. She’s always fascinated by discovering new flavors, stories and makers in the food world. 

How Lizzy Approaches Meal Kit Reviews

Lizzy believes in eating mindfully without overthinking it. She strives to make cooking at home stress-free, straightforward and fun (and most of all, tasty). 

She keeps these things in mind when testing meal kits:

First and foremost is flavor. A great meal starts with quality, thoughtfully selected ingredients. And ultimately, it should please your taste buds and satisfy your hunger with well-balanced flavors and a clear point of view. 

Next is ease of use. Meal kit companies should make preparing meals enjoyable, not confusing. As a recipe writer and editor, Lizzy looks for a cooking experience that feels accessible to home cooks of all levels. 

And finally, flexibility. We all have busy lives, and a meal kit should make healthy and delicious eating one less thing to worry about. The best meal kit companies are easy to adapt to your lifestyle, diet and taste preferences. 

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Lizzy contributes to a wide range of food publications. You can read more of her work here:

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