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Every Plate Review: Crazy Cheap Meal Kit, But Is It Good?

Did you actually believe that all meal kit deliveries forced you to wave goodbye to a huge portion of your wallet in order to enjoy a much quicker food prep? Or, on the contrary, to sacrifice quality to knock a few bucks off the overall price? 

Think again! As you’ll see in our Every Plate review, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the right solution for both your palate and budget.

Every Plate review

If you haven’t heard of Every Plate before, you might be one of the first to know about this high-quality, budget-friendly, and tasty meal kit offering, and it might be time to subscribe!

At first, it was hard to tell exactly what makes Every Plate different from similar competitors, including Blue Apron and Sunbasket. So we had to try the full experience for ourselves.

In this Every Plate review, we’ll cover:

  • What makes Every Plate different from other meal kits on the market
  • How the meals stack up next to similar meal kit options
  • Who an Every Plate subscription is perfect for (and who might not love it)

Here’s what you need to know about Every Plate meal kits. 


Every Plate review
  • Taste: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Ease to prepare: 3/5
  • Diversity of options: 2/5

Every Plate is a low-cost meal kit service that caters to meat lovers who have the time to prepare dinner but want to streamline the shopping and planning process. The meals are not as quick to throw together as a frozen meal kit and they require a few more ingredients from your pantry, but they are delicious and satisfying.

Try EveryPlate at $1.99/meal + get 20% off next 2 boxes!

How is Every Plate Different from Other Meal Kits?

At first glance, the EveryPlate website doesn’t fully distinguish itself from the competition. It has bold, beautiful food photos and bright colors, sure. And they make it clear that you can easily customize your order, skip and put a pause on your subscription as necessary. 

But before we tried the food, the biggest differentiator between Every Plate and similar companies comes down to price. Each meal from EveryPlate costs less than $5.

  • The smallest plan includes three 2-serving meals a week for $38.93 plus $8.99 shipping.
  • The largest offering is for three 4-serving meals a week at $68.87 plus the standard flat-rate shipping. 
how Everyplate works
“Each meal is carefully packed and pre-measured, with produce that is the same quality as competitors at a value that can't be beaten.” Entrepreneur (1)

Despite these low per-meal costs, the quality of Every Plate ingredients and service is quite high. You will, however, need to use a few more “kitchen staples” from your own pantry in these meals than most meal kits. For example, one of the meals we tried called for ketchup that was not included in the meal kit. 

Added Proteins

Each week, Every Plate offers fourteen different dinner options. These include three vegetarian choices, but the majority of Every Plate meals are very meat-based. In fact, you can even add more protein or swap chicken for steak if you prefer an “upgraded” experience. (2)

“We’re excited to put the control in customers' hands, giving them the opportunity to personalize their orders.” Yury Trofimov, Every Plate General Manager 

This is a helpful feature for home cooks who want to supplement the meal kit with added protein or limit extra trips to the grocery store. 

Other Every Plate Features

Subscription Flexibility: worried about what you’re going to do with your usual box if you’re on holiday for a couple of weeks? Perhaps you need to save some money before Christmas and are not too sure about paying for it right now? Not a problem.

With Every Plate, you don’t need to commit to every single week of the year. In fact, you can skip them as often as you wish by using their app or website. If, one day, you realize that this cheap meal kit is no longer the best solution for yourself and your household, canceling it is just as easy;

Customer Service: Every Plate includes an extensive FAQ section on their website. However, should you be curious about something else or should you encounter a problem with your delivery, it’s not hard to get in touch with them.

Luckily, as well as dedicated phone lines, they also have a live chat available 24/7. Reading about other customers’ reviews, it looks like their customer service can be a bit hit and miss, so we guess it really depends on your enquiry.

We Tried Three Every Plate...Here’s How it Went

We had to see and taste for ourselves whether these inexpensive meal kits could compete with pricier options. We ordered a box to try out three Every Plate meals for ourselves. 

Every Plate box

The food arrived in a standard colorful meal kit box with ice packs and bubble wrap. The box was not too heavy or bulky and easy to carry. 

Every Plate packets

Inside, most of the ingredients were in individual plastic bags inside a second cardboard box. While the second box might be intended to keep items in place during shipment, it seemed like an unnecessary amount of added packaging. Fortunately, all of the cardboard was recyclable. 

Every Plate packs

We unpacked the box and stored the entire smaller cardboard box directly in the fridge, which did help keep things organized.

Meal #1: Bay Scallop Linguine

Every Plate Bay Scallop Linguine

We decided to make the scallop linguine dish first because the scallops arrived fresh and ready to be cooked. Despite needing two pots, one to cook the pasta and a second to sear the scallops and finish the sauce, this dish was fairly easy. 

Sweet ‘N’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs

And boy was it good! Right off the bat, this was our favorite dish from the collection. Cream cheese made a rich, tangy sauce that coated the pasta beautifully. And the scallops were fresh, plump, and juicy. 

The scallops were a bit on the small side, but there were plenty of them to make this a filling and satisfying meal. However, if this was your first time cooking scallops, it may have been easy to overcook them if you followed the instructions on the recipe card. 

Meal #2: Sweet ‘N’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs

Sweet ‘N’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs

These meatballs were fun and different. The sweet cherry glaze gave them a nice barbecue-like flavor despite being cooked in the oven. We did need to use ketchup from our kitchen to make the sauce here, which we luckily had on hand. 

It seemed unnecessary to individually wrap each slice of bread and the zucchini for this meal. I’m just glad each potato didn’t come in its own plastic bag. 

Sweet ‘N’ Tangy Cherry Meatballs

The meatballs came out well, though this was a more complicated recipe than beginner home cooks might expect. It required both the stove and the oven, plus a mixing bowl to make the meatballs. We also would have liked more zucchini than the one small vegetable to feed two. 

Meal #3: Spiced Chickpea Basmati Bowls

Spiced Chickpea Basmati Bowls

For a vegetarian option, we tried Every Plate’s Spiced Chickpea Bowls. This dish was also quite tasty and had a nice play of earthy, savory flavors from the chickpeas and rice and bright crunch from the fresh vegetable salsa.

Spiced Chickpea Basmati Bowls

This was certainly a hearty and satisfying meal with plenty of protein, despite the lack of meat or seafood. It also stored well and we enjoyed some for lunch the next day.

The Good

There are some prominent positives of an Every Plate subscription:

  • The meals are inexpensive compared to similar meal kits, at $4.99 per serving. 
  • The portions are large and filling. 
  • There is a good amount of diversity of meals and options each week. 

The Bad

That being said, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind:

  • There is a flat-rate $8.99 shipping fee with every delivery. 
  • There are limited options for vegetarians and no options for vegans, gluten-free or other special diets. 
  • The recipe cards are jam-packed with words and can be difficult to follow in the middle of cooking. 

What Type of Household is Every Plate Good for?

  • Anyone on a budget! Every Plate is one of the very best choices for any household where finding a cost-effective dinner solution is the main concern, especially couples or student houses
  • Meat eaters or people trying to be flexitarians by including a couple of plant-based meals a week, too
  • Anyone who enjoys experimenting with a few global-inspired dishes, having quite a lot of options to choose from every week, and getting creative by swapping proteins to achieve the perfect recipe for their tastebuds

Who Would NOT Enjoy Every Plate?

  • Vegetarians (only 3 meat-free options could feel quite restrictive), vegans, and anyone following specific diets
  • Anyone who would actually be happy to pay a bit more to enjoy some restaurant-style dishes or additional perks

Busy professionals who were hoping to save even more time in the evening by skipping meal prep altogether with some ready meals and pre-cooked options

The Verdict: Is Every Plate Worth It?

Ultimately, we enjoyed all of the meals we tried from Every Plate. The prices are fair and the quality of the ingredients is high, especially considering the price. 

For students, meat-lovers, or anyone on a budget, Every Plate is a great dinner time solution. While they do offer a four-person plan, the two-person plans offer more meal options, making Every Plate a better bet for small households. 

Try EveryPlate at $1.99/meal + get 20% off next 2 boxes!


1. Is the Packaging Recyclable?

The cardboard boxes are recyclable. The gel ice packs can be emptied and recycled and the box liners can be disassembled and recycled. 

2. Are there Vegetarian Options?

Every Plate offers three vegetarian meal options per week. They do not currently offer gluten-free meals or meals that comply with other special diets, including plant-based. 

3. Does Every Plate Make Meals Other Than Dinner?

Currently, Every Plate only offers meal kits for dinner, though you could use them for lunch as well. You can also add extra proteins, such as chicken breasts, to your order. There are no breakfast, snack, or dessert options. 

4. Is there a First-Order Discount?

Every Plate offers a first order discount of $1.99 per meal plus 20% off your next two boxes. 

Every Plate Alternatives

If you’re looking for a meal kit with more vegetarian or plant-based options, try these other popular meal kit options:


Dinnerly is the other inexpensive meal kit option, with meals costing no more than $5.29 per serving. Dinnerly offers larger plans than Every Plate, including up to six meals a week and four fully vegetarian recipes every week. Their dishes are also simpler, with fewer ingredients and digital recipes to replace paper and reduce costs. Read our full review here

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is slightly more expensive than Every Plate, at $9.99 per serving, but offers diet-friendly plans, including pescatarian, veggie, calorie smart, and family-friendly. 

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a premium-level meal kit that’s entirely plant-based and includes gluten-free and high-protein meal options with no meat, dairy, or eggs. 

Tired of wasting so much time with your food prep or only finding meal kits that spoil your appetite whenever you think of how much they’ve cost you? Give Every Plate a go, and see how you get on with their affordable but tasty recipes!

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