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6 Best Meal Kits for Bodybuilding: More Muscle, No Hassle

Fitting meal-planning and grocery shopping in your workout-packed routine can be challenging. How about you take care of the training side of things and let one of the best meal kits for bodybuilding sort out the food?

From paleo to plant-based protein plans, let’s help you find the right bodybuilding meal kit for your habits and preferences. 


OUR TOP PICK: Trifecta

Five different diet-based plans and a large variety of weekly recipes.


An exciting reward point system, clear nutritional info, and customizable features.


Healthy paleo plan that’s based around seasonal produce and is both gluten- and dairy-free.

MORE MEALS: Paleo Power Meals

Choose among traditional or diet-based plans as well as options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Affordable and customizable meals based around a main protein and two sides.

Best meal kits for bodybuilding: the right sidekicks for your healthy lifestyle

Fancy comparing the weekly choices, prices, and signature features of the very best bodybuilding meal kits? Start here!

  • Over 30 weekly options
  • Diet-based plans, including plant proteins
  • Starts at $13.79/serving
  • 30 weekly recipes
  • Customizable features
  • Starts at $8.50/serving
  • 10 weekly recipes
  • Seasonal produce and plans that make the paleo diet easy to follow
  • Starts at $14.84/serving
  • 50 recipes and a few weekly specials
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Starts at $6.95/serving
  • Around 30 weekly recipes
  • Simple but varied and customizable meals
  • Starts at $9.91/serving
  • Over 40 recipes
  • Paleo- and keto-friendly meals
  • Starts at $10.99/serving

1. Trifecta - Our Top Pick

Science-backed meal plans that fuel actual bodybuilding champions.

Trifecta nutrition

As well as bundles and a la carte options, Trifecta includes 5 different plans to help you get the right protein for your preferences and dietary lifestyle: clean, paleo, keto, and even vegan or vegetarian.

Here are some of the tasty recipes that you’ll get to try:

  • Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Bowl 
  • Mediterranean Chicken Platter 
  • High-Protein Vegan Burrito Bowl

Depending on how many servings you include, each portion can cost between $13.79 and $14.79.

The Good

  • Organic & with an eye for sustainability
  • App to get even more involved and receive support
  • Option for plant-based bodybuilding plans
  • You can cover more meals, too

The Bad

  • The price per portion doesn’t get much cheaper with larger plans
  • $119 minimum for free delivery

What kind of bodybuilder is Trifecta best for?

Just like the name suggests, Trifecta is perfect for anyone who takes bodybuilding and training very, very seriously.

2. MealPro - A Close Second

A customizable bodybuilding meal kit with plenty of choices.

mealpro reviews

Not only does MealPro include 30 weekly recipes, but, with most of them, it gives you a few options to better suit your needs or cravings (for example, extra protein or ‘no carb, double veg’): 

  • BBQ Bean Chicken
  • Asparagus Steak
  • Lemon Tilapia 

You can opt for either 18 or 20 meals per week, which brings the price per portion to $12.50 and $8.50 respectively.

The Good

  • Clear nutritional information
  • Reward point system
  • Sustainability
  • Great value for money with larger plans

The Bad

  • Delivery charges change, but they can get to $19.98 

What kind of bodybuilder is MealPro best for?

Those who’re after a bodybuilding meal plan with flexible options to cater to their weekly preferences.

3. Pete's Paleo - Best for Paleo Diet

If your bodybuilding training relies on the paleo diet, this meal kit has you covered.

pete's paleo meal kit

One of the best paleo meal delivery services, Pete’s Paleo is entirely gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. 

Its 10 weekly recipes are always based around the healthiest seasonal produce, and you can decide to get them through bundles or more traditional subscriptions (every one or two weeks):

  • Mediterranean Chicken with Roasted Cauliflower and Spaghetti Squash
  • Korean Braised Pork Butt with Kohlrabi Mushroom Stir Fry and Bok Choy
  • Grass-Fed Black Pepper Tri-Tip with Spring Vegetable Medley and Yukon Potatoes

With options ranging from 5 meals all the way to an entire family plan, your Pete’s Paleo portions will be between $14.84 and $16.18.

The Good

  • Seasonal ingredients
  • Option to avoid pork
  • Gluten-free
  • Features to choose extra sides and double your proteins
  • Free shipping with bundles

The Bad

  • Not a very intuitive website
  • Fairly limited menu

What kind of bodybuilder is Pete’s Paleo best for?

Those who follow a strict paleo diet but don’t want to compromise on flavor and choice.

4. Paleo Power Meals - More Meals

Get help with your bodybuilding diet beyond traditional dinner kits.

paleo power meals review

Whether you decide to enjoy it as a one-off or a practical subscription, Paleo Power Meals offers plenty of choices, including breakfast and lunch options.

As well as the obvious paleo and traditional plans, you can build your muscles through a plant-based alternative or a keto diet.

Here’s a little taste of their recipes:

  • All Natural Freshly Ground Turkey mixed with Savor
  • Cauliflower Vegetable Fried Rice
  • Free Range Chicken Cakes with Paleo Couscous

Offering over 50 recipes and a few weekly specials, Paleo Power Meals can be as cheap as $6.95 but as expensive as $29.95 per portion.

The Good

  • Meals for breakfast and lunch, too
  • 4 different plans including a plant-based option
  • Several budget-friendly meals
  • Free shipping for orders over $75 within Ground Shipping Zones

The Bad

  • Old-style website interface
  • Some meals are fairly pricey
  • Not a rotating menu except for specials

What kind of bodybuilder is Paleo Power Meals best for?

Those who want to cover lunch and breakfast as well as dinner.

5. Icon Meals - Budget-Friendly 

Healthy ready meals to build your muscles without sacrificing your wallet.

icon meals reviews

While it’s not a traditional subscription, Icon Meals is available as boxes (including a protein-packed option), a la carte dishes, or even create-your-own meals by choosing proteins and sides.  

On top of that, you can always select a few add-ons or snacks together with recipes like:

  • Diced Chicken, Rice & Green Beans
  • Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes
  • Beef Stir Fry, Rice & Kyoto Blend

As you can imagine, the price-per-serving changes quite a lot depending on whether you opt for create-your-own meals or bundles. However, boxes usually start at $9.91 per serving

The Good

  • Delivered vacuum-sealed
  • Options for other meals, too
  • Great value for money

The Bad

  • More basic ‘one protein and two sides’ dishes
  • Not a subscription
  • $115 minimum for free delivery

What kind of bodybuilder is Icon Meals best for?

Those who’re happy to swap more elaborate dishes and automatic weekly deliveries in favor of a more budget-friendly solution.

6. Ice Age Meals - Best Frozen

Get a few extra meals without worrying about expiry dates.

ice age meals

Ice Age Meals is both paleo- and keto-friendly, as well as entirely gluten- and dairy-free… and without added sugar: super healthy!

You can choose among snacks, add-ons, and over 40 recipes such as:

  • Elk Meatballs with Basil Pomodoro and Sweets
  • Pastel de Papa
  • Chicken Chile Verde with Yams

While they don’t rotate on a weekly basis, new dishes are often added. 

The plans range from 6 to 48 meals, meaning that each serving can cost from $10.99 to around $17.42 (although they’re still individually priced).

The Good

  • Very practical ordering experience
  • Lots of calorie info
  • Free shipping for 24 and 48 meals

The Bad

  • The shipping cost for 6 and 14 packs ranges from $10 to $50 depending on your location

What kind of bodybuilder is Ice Age Meals best for?

Those following a gluten-free diet or who’d rather stock up on frozen meals.

3 Things You Need to Consider About Bodybuilding Meal Kits

To be 100% sure that you choose the best bodybuilding meal kit for you personally, we thought it might be helpful to go through these questions.

Is a bodybuilding meal kit the right choice for you?

A bodybuilding meal kit must not be confused with a more generic ‘healthy meal delivery’.

This diet is literally designed to help bodybuilders and athletes develop their muscle mass: not only can it be a bit too intense if that’s not your goal, but it must be paired with regular, intensive exercise and workouts.

So, be realistic:

  • Are you looking to build your muscle mass?
  • Are you going to commit to regular workouts?

If you’ve answered yes to both, then go ahead and choose the best meal kit for bodybuilding.

If not, you might want to have a look at the best meal kit delivery services instead.

As well as a focus on bodybuilding, have you got any dietary requirements?

All the options that we’ve included are some of the best bodybuilding meal kits on the market. 

However, while some of them are more generic, some others can help you stick to a specific diet, such as:

  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Vegetarian or vegan

Keep in mind that, if you’re not planning on following a strict diet and just want to focus on bodybuilding, it’s usually more cost-effective to opt for a delivery service that doesn’t offer too many dietary options (why pay extra for something that you won’t make the most of?).

Fresh or frozen?

Finally, the last major choice:

  • Fresh meals are worth paying for if you’re actually planning on eating them within a week
  • If you’re not and you’d like to stock up on a few extra meals for whenever you need them, it’d make more sense to choose a bodybuilding meal delivery that’s already frozen (it’s usually cheaper!)


Let’s make sure that you have no doubts left.

1. What is the best meal plan to gain muscle?

The best meal plan to gain muscle is Trifecta because it’s organic, offers five different meal plans with dietary options, and includes a helpful app. 

No wonder it’s also used by lots of famous athletes and bodybuilders!

2. Can you build muscle on keto?

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually build muscle while following the keto diet. 

Even though deciding to limit carbs while developing your muscles might not be the most obvious choice, several studies have proven the opposite.

In fact, the ketogenic lifestyle can be as effective as carb-based diets at preserving muscle mass while losing fat.

3. Is the paleo diet good for athletes?

The paleo diet is especially good for athletes who are looking to develop their muscle mass, and it even improves health long term.

Some of the benefits of the paleo diet for athletes are:

  • Lower body acidity, which stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins
  • Higher trace nutrients such as vitamins and mineral, necessary for recovery and long-term health
  • Increased branched-chain amino acids which benefit both muscle development and anabolic function
  • Decreased omega-6:omega-3 ratio to promote healing and reduce tissue inflammations

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