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Yumble Meal Kit Review: Is this the Solution to Packing Lunch for Picky Eaters?

Yumble is unique in the highly competitive field of meal kits. Instead of marketing restaurant-style do-it-yourself recipe kits or diet-friendly heat-and-eat frozen entrees, Yumble is all about pleasing young palates. 

This fun and whimsical kid’s meal kit is marketed to parents who want to ensure that their kids are getting the nutrients they need without facing constant strife over meal time. The menu features classic kid-approved meals made with vegetables and other good-for-you ingredients selected by nutritionists.  

We had to see for ourselves if the Yumble meals delivered on their promise of making kids’ meals seamless. We ordered a week’s worth of Yumble meals to test the subscription for ourselves.  

yumble meal kit review

Quick summary: Yumble is a straightforward subscription that can make meal time with picky eaters fun and enjoyable. 

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Easy to prepare5
Diversity of options4

In this Yumble kid’s meal kit review, we’ll cover:

  • What makes Yumble different from other meal kits.
  • How the meals taste and appeal to their target audience. 
  • Who the Yumble subscription is perfect for, and who may not see the value as much. 

How is Yumble Different from Other Meal Kits?

yumble meals

While many meal kits can be hard to differentiate, it’s easy to see how Yumble sets itself apart from the pack. Instead of designing meals for the adult palate, every Yumble menu item is made for kids. 

All of the meals arrive ready to eat and chilled, not frozen. Most of the meals, such as sandwiches and burritos, can be enjoyed straight out of the plastic meal tray. However, some, like mac and cheese and calzones, are best heated in the microwave before serving. 

The ready-to-eat nature of these meals make them especially handy for school lunches. Most kids don’t have access to a microwave in the school cafeteria, so they’ll either have to dig into a cold calzone or should stick to the cold meals. Keep the hot meals for breakfast or dinners at home. 

Yumble offers a good amount of variety on the menu without including any flavors that may be off-putting to unadventurous eaters. You’ll find a good selection of pasta, sandwiches, breakfast pockets and snacks. There are a few vegetarian options, but no vegan or gluten-free meals.

Yumble Plan Options

Customers can order 4, 6, 8, 10 or 16 meals a week.

yumble meals plans


The cost of a Yumble subscription ranges from $9.99 per meal for a 4-meal plan to $5.99 per meal for a 16-meal plan. 

These prices include shipping. 

Subscription Flexibility

Customers can cancel the subscription nor skip a delivery at any time before the next delivery deadline. Yumble does not require a long-term commitment and you get to customize your delivery from the weekly menu.  

We Tried Yumble for a Week, Here’s How it Went

We had a box of Yumble meals delivered to try the subscription for ourselves. Here’s how it went. 

The Yumble box arrived a week after we signed up. Inside, the meals were kept nice and chilled thanks to two large ice packs. The first four boxes also come with fun extras for kids. The first box comes with a rubber placemat. Subsequent boxes include a neoprene lunch bag, a set of reusable plastic utensils and a plate. 

Meal #1: Vegetarian Bean Burrito

vegetarian bean burrito

First, we sampled the vegetarian option: a bean burrito with fresh corn kernels.

This is one of the meals that’s ready to eat straight out of the packaging, though it could also be warmed in the microwave for 90 seconds. We heated it up to melt the cheese inside the wrap. 

The burrito filling was heavy on white rice, which gave it a soft texture. Overall, the wrap would benefit from some crunch, but the softer texture also makes it easier for little months to chew. The side of corn was fine, and a generous portion for little ones, but needed a sprinkle of salt. 

Meal #2: BBQ Chicken Sandwich & Superfood Lunch

bbq chicken sandwich yumble

Next, we moved on to a chicken sandwich with a side of root vegetable chips and dried apricots. The chicken salad came on a thick and fluffy roll. It had a sweet, not spicy flavor suitable for kids. The chips were good, but since we had to store the sandwich in the fridge, they’d grown a little soft. The dried apricots were a bit too dry and somewhat tough. 

Meal #3: Pizza Pocket & Broccoli Parm

Pizza Pocket & Broccoli Parm

Finally, we heated up the adorable pint-sized pizza pocket, served with a side of crisp broccoli with grated parmesan cheese. The pizza pocket had a good amount of stuffing, and the soft white crust was quite tasty. The broccoli held up well in the microwave without turning to mush, and the cheese melted deliciously. 

Pros of Yumble

Here are some pros of a subscription to Yumble:

  • The meals are designed with a developing palate in mind. They appeal to even picky eaters. 
  • The menu includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.  
  • Every meal arrives ready to eat, with the most prep work being 90 seconds in the microwave.

Cons of Yumble

Here are some of the drawbacks of this meal kit:

  • The subscription can be expensive for kid’s meals. 
  • The meals aren’t meant for the freezer, so you’ll want to finish everything before the expiration date. 
  • The portions do not increase as your child grows. 

The Verdict: Is Yumble Worth It?

If you’re tired of struggling to help your child eat a well-balanced diet without argument, Yumble can be a meal time life saver.

It makes packing lunches that your kid will love as easy as possible. This is a great meal kit for parents who are strapped for time but want to make sure their kids enjoy eating and get the full range of nutrients they need. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lower-budget way to feed kids or want to introduce more adventurous flavors at home, Yumble may not be the best option. 


1. Does Yumble offer a one-time trial?

Yes, there is no long-term commitment to Yumble, so you can place a one-time order, then pause or cancel your subscription. The trial is not free, but you can get $30 off your first box. 

2. Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, the Yumble packaging is made from recycled materials and is mostly recyclable. That includes the meal trays and the shipping box. At this time, the ice packs are not recyclable, but the company is working on a more sustainable option. 

Yumble Alternatives


Dinnerly is an inexpensive do-it-yourself meal kit with a menu that appeals to picky eaters, including family-friendly meals like burgers, meatballs and tortellini. 

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a frozen plant-based meal service that makes smoothies, bowls, soups and desserts with kid-friendly flavors. 


Like Yumble, Sprinly offers ready-to-eat chilled meals. The menu includes kid- and adult-approved dishes. 

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