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These 9 Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services Are On Fire (2024 Update)

Wave goodbye to gross TV dinners from your childhood. The best frozen meal delivery services of 2024 are redefining frozen food to be healthy, affordable, and delicious (yes, really!).

If your restaurant spending is way over-budget—or if you have zero time to cook food from scratch most days—there’s still hope for good food that leaves you feeling healthy. In fact, frozen meals may even leave you feeling better than fresh food.


BEST OVERALL: Balance by BistroMD

Our top pick is surprisingly affordable and focuses more on diet-friendly meals, like diabetic, low-carb, keto, and heart-healthy.


This service’s prices may be higher, but their transparency about where their ingredients come from is unrivaled.


A top-rated service designed to help customers lose/manage weight with balanced portions and nutritious meals.


This vegan-friendly meal delivery service features only plant-based meals—and they have tons to choose from.


This curated service offers four meal plans designed to match your weight goals, then sends a set weekly menu.


Choose from an array of paleo-friendly a la carte options or opt for the signature monthly meal bundle.

QUICKEST MEAL: Magic Kitchen

Chef-prepared to match specific dietary needs—like dialysis-friendly, gluten-free, and seniors—with tons of delivery options.

BEST FOR VEGANS: Personal Trainer Food

This weight-loss meal delivery service provides lunch + dinner (breakfast optional) plans at an affordable price.

SUGAR FREE: The Good Kitchen

Despite a smaller meal catalog, The Good Kitchen is beloved for its simple commitment to zero gluten, soy, and sugar.

frozen meal delivery

Benefits of Frozen Meal Delivery Services

  • You can eat healthier with zero effort. We’re talking chef-prepared, nutritious meals that take just minutes to heat up. This eliminates the time barrier of having to cook and reduces the temptation to grab takeout. Healthy food is right there… just waiting for you.

  • Frozen food is surprisingly portable. Take your healthy food to work, to family’s house, or anywhere with a microwave or oven. There’s no need to grab a burger and fries on your lunch break (your doctor will be relieved).

  • These meals stay fresh forever. We do love unfrozen meal deliveries and meal kits, but they have nothing on frozen meal deliveries when it comes to shelf-life. Frozen meals actually stay nutritious longer than unfrozen ones, you never have to worry about food waste because you’ll eat it long before it loses its quality and freshness.

If you’re not 100% sure that frozen meal delivery services are worth trying, no worries. I answer a bunch more questions on flavor, freshness, and nutrition towards the bottom of this article—scroll down to learn more.

But for now, let’s get to the good stuff: the ten best frozen meal delivery services of 2024.



With over 150 weekly meal options that can fit a variety of specialty diets and lifestyles, BistroMD has no shortage of delicious meals created by health-conscious chefs at rock-solid affordable prices.

The Top 10 Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services

These are our top picks curated for 2024.

Balance by BistroMD
  • 100+ a la carte options
  • Great for many diets
  • Starts at $5.79/serving
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Home Bistro
  • 50+ weekly meal options
  • Transparency about farm partners
  • Starts at $13/serving
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  • 150 weekly meal options
  • Breakfast meals too
  • Starts at $9/serving
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  • 50+ weekly meal options
  • 100% plant-based
  • Starts at $10/serving
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  • Set weekly menus
  • 4 meal plans to choose from
  • Starts at $9.50/serving
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Paleo On The Go
  • Monthly 10-meal bundle
  • Includes broth, soup, and muffins
  • $250/bundle
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Magic Kitchen
  • 25+ weekly meal options
  • Highly customizable deliveries
  • Starts at $11/serving
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Personal Trainer Food
  • Lunch + dinner plans
  • Optimized for weight loss
  • Starts at $16/day
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The Good Kitchen
  • 10 weekly meal options
  • Gluten, soy, sugar-free
  • Starts at $11/serving
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1. Balance by BistroMD — Our Top Pick

“I feel much better after eating these meals. The price is worth it, the delivery is fast, beautiful tasty meals, and so much time is saved.”

Balance by BistroMD features a stunning 150 recipe options across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But unlike the original BistroMD service, which is primarily about weight loss, Balance targets a variety of specialty diets, like diabetes-friendly, heart-healthy, and Mediterranean.

balance by bistro md

Here are a few examples of what they cook up:

  • Roasted Cauliflower and Lentils, w/ charred red pepper sauce
  • English Muffin Sandwich, with egg, turkey sausage, and cheddar

Most meals come somewhere around $9 per serving, but Balance also has weekly discounted meals that go as low as $5.79 per servingthe lowest prices you’ll find anywhere for frozen meal delivery.

The Good

  • Huge recipe catalog
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Good prices, weekly specials

The Bad

  • None that we know of, which is very unusual

Who Is Balance by BistroMD Best For?

We believe Balance is the best all-around frozen meal delivery service for 2024, whether you’re looking to stick to a specific diet or you just want to make sure you eat healthy without breaking the bank.

Get up to $3 off rotating meals weekly and free shipping on orders over $99!

2. Home Bistro - Freshest Pick

“I have never seen Gourmet food stay this great after heating up. Pleasantly surprised and impressed.”

Every frozen meal delivery service sources great ingredients, but Home Bistro really takes it up a notch, naming the exact farms they get all their meat from (which is very unusual). It’s a small, yet robust demonstration of how Home Bistro’s gourmet meals really are gourmet.

home bistro meal kit

But if that wasn’t enough to convince you this is a premium service, just check out these meals:

  • Mediterranean Chicken and Artichoke Sauce, w/ za’atar fries and Moroccan ratatouille
  • Chianti Braised Short Ribs, w/ pecorino romano orzo, shaved broccoli and mushrooms, and Moroccan ratatouille

The only downside is the price point, which lands around $13 per serving when you order meal bundles, but individual meals (closer to $20/serving) are also available.

The Good

  • Gourmet meals are a step up in quality
  • Pro support from staff dieticians
  • 50+ options

The Bad

  • Prices are noticeably higher

Who Is Home Bistro Best For?

Frozen dishes can really be standout meals akin to high-end restaurant experiences, as evident in Home Bistro. If you have a taste for the exceptional and have the budget for it, Home Bistro won’t disappoint.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special: 30% OFF ENTIRE ORDER

3. BistroMD - Best for Weight Loss

“I’m doing the diabetic menu. It is unbelievably good. Can’t believe this is diet food. It is like eating in a fine restaurant 7 days a week.”

bistromd reviews

BistroMD is an original service (Balance was a later offshoot) that specializes in meals designed for weight loss. And with 150 meals to choose from (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) you’ll completely forget you’re trying to lose a few pounds.

Here are a couple of example meals:

  • Meatloaf and Honey Bourbon Glaze, w/ green beans and rice
  • Lasagna and Garden Marinara, w/ broccoli

Not all meals ship frozen by default, but you can request that they do to extend their shelf-life. Pricing comes in at around $11 per serving with bigger orders, which is competitive with our other top frozen meal delivery services.

Meal plans are based on 5 or 7-day programs, and the meals are customizable to meet your needs. And starting at $9 per serving, it’s one of the most affordable, best frozen meal delivery services on this list.

The Good

  • 150 options
  • Pro support from staff dieticians
  • Relatively affordable

The Bad

  • None that we know of, which is very unusual

Who Is BistroMD Best For?

If you’re serious about losing weight (or maintaining a weight you worked hard for), but still need to watch the budget, BistroMD is the no-brainer choice loved by thousands.

Get 25% OFF plus Free Shipping on your first order!

4. Veestro - 100% Plant-Based

“Whenever I eat a frozen meal, I always hope it tastes like a homemade dish. This was completely the case with Veestro.”

Most frozen meal delivery services offer vegan-friendly dishes, but for Veestro, that’s the whole game. Every meal is 100% plant-based (no dairy, no meat), but there’s no lack in diversity or creativity when it comes to the 50+ lunch, dinner, and breakfast recipes they offer.

  • Mediterranean Falafel, w/ basmati rice and organic hummus
  • Southwest BB “Chick’n”, w/ potatoes, zucchini, and corn
veestro reviews

You can order a 30-meal bundle and eat for just $9.90 per serving.

The Good

  • 50+ weekly options
  • 100% plant-based
  • Affordable in bulk

The Bad

  • Some meals are reported to have smaller portions

Who Is Veestro Best For?

Veestro is clear on what it does best: plant-based, vegan-friendly dishes. If you’re trying to avoid dairy or meat, Veestro is the first frozen meal delivery service to consider thanks to the large menu.

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday: Save 40% with code: BFCM40

5. Diet-To-Go

“How is it a ‘diet’ when it tastes so darn good?! There must be some *magic* hiding inside... Bagels for breakfast? BBQ­ chicken burgers for lunch? How can it be?!”

Rather than offering a massive (and sometimes overwhelming) recipe catalog, Diet-To-Go creates set weekly menus of frozen meals based on four specific diet plans: balanced, diabetic-friendly, keto-carb 30, and vegetarian.

diet to go meal review

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Sliced Turkey In Gravy, w/ mashed potatoes and green beans
  • Waffles with Blueberry Cream Cheesewith frozen peaches

Plans can be adjusted for 5 or 7 days—breakfast optional—and prices start around $9.50 per serving.

The Good

  • Chef prepared and planned weekly menus
  • Plans for balance, diabetics, keto, and vegetarian

The Bad

  • Set weekly menus mean you can’t customize your shipments

Who Is Diet-To-Go Best For?

Picking meals from dozens or hundreds of options can be challenging. If you’d rather than an expert chef and dietitian create a plan that you can trust, Diet-To-Go is going to be a great fit.

(Free Delivery First Two Weeks)

6. Paleo On The Go

“WOW!!! Delicious!!!! My 9, 4, and 2 year old gobbled them up and asked for seconds!!! Thanks, POTG!! Can't wait to try the rest!”

Although you can purchase almost 80 a la carte dishes—all paleo-friendly—Paleo On The Go’s signature offerings are its monthly meal bundles, which include 10 pre-cooked meals, 1 soup, 1 bone broth, and paleo muffins

Paleo On The Go review

Here’s an example of what you have to look forward to:

  • Zesty Salmon Burgers, w/ avocado sauce and sauteed kale
  • Braised Lamb Shanks, w/ Mediterranean vegetables and gravy

Prices are generally higher for paleo meals, and Paleo On The Go is no exception: ranging from $16-22 per serving.

The Good

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond
  • Soup + bone broth + muffins included in each monthly bundle
  • Tons of a la carte options

The Bad

  • No flexibility to customize the monthly bundle
  • On the expensive side

Who Is Paleo On The Go Best For?

While POTG is among the more expensive frozen meal delivery services on the list, it’s beloved by paleo eaters who take their diet seriously and want to make sure they’re covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beyond.

7. Magic Kitchen

“These meals were sent to my friend after his knee surgery. It was so nice. I didn't have to cook for him every night, and the helpings are nice portions!”

Most of these companies offer meals for specialty diets, but Magic Kitchen takes it to a whole other level, with meal plans designed for dialysis-friendly, kidney-renal recovery, diabetic-friendly, seniors, and beyond.


Magic Kitchen serves nutrition-optimized meals like these:

  • Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo, w/ pesto and cheese flatbread
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu, w/ rice and mixed veggies

The delivery schedule can easily be customized, customer service is exceptional, and prices start around $11 per serving.

The Good

  • Meal plans for all kinds of niche, medical diets
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Competitively priced

The Bad

  • A la carte items are always sold in 2-serving pairs

Who Is Magic Kitchen Best For?

If you’re on a very specific medical diet—due to age, sickness, or injury—Magic Kitchen almost certainly has a nutritionally-optimized meal plan that’ll work for you.

8. Personal Trainer Food

“So easy to stay on a good eating program with almost no fuss! And the food actually tastes good!”

Our final pick for frozen meal delivery, once again, focuses on weight loss. With 75+ menu items to choose from, Personal Trainer Food helps you eat like your weight loss trainer—without having to awkwardly ask them what kinds of foods they cook.

Personal Trainer food review

Meals tend to look something like this:

  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sticks, w/ carrots, celery, and ranch dipping sauce
  • Teriyaki Chicken, w/ mixed steamed veggies

Plans go for 5 or 7 days and run $16-19 per day (includes lunch + dinner, breakfast optional).

The Good

  • 75+ options w/ breakfast, snacks, and more
  • Weight loss without tiny portions
  • Competitively priced by day

The Bad

  • A la carte items are always sold in 2-serving pairs

Who Is Personal Trainer Food Best For?

If you need a reliable, cost-effective way to diet for weight loss, Personal Trainer Food is a great pick. It’s affordable, flexible, and designed with normal folks in mind.

9. The Good Kitchen — A Crowd Favorite

“The Good Kitchen does all the work for you, and they do it as sustainably as I’ve seen. They are doing their sourcing right!”

The Good Kitchen abides by three simple promises. No gluten. No soy. No sugar. Rather than featuring a massive list that rarely changes, they have 10 weekly options that change regularly.

the good kitchen

Here’s what their meals often look like:

  • Eastern NC Pulled Pork, w/ bacon-braised collard greens
  • Chili Colorado, w/ butternut squash mash

Not all meals ship frozen by default, but you can request that they do to extend their shelf-life. Pricing comes in at around $11 per serving with bigger orders, which is competitive with our other top frozen meal delivery services.

The Good

  • No gluten, soy, or sugar
  • Weekly rotating menu
  • Competitive prices

The Bad

  • None that we know of, which is very unusual

Who Is The Good Kitchen Best For?

For those who want a curated rotating weekly menu experience akin to meal kit catalogs, The Good Kitchen scratches that itch with seasonal ingredients, creative dishes, and fresh (not frozen) meals for when you want them.

5 Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Frozen Meal Delivery Services For You

Ten options is a lot—let’s help you narrow it down with a few things to consider before pulling the trigger.

The number of meals you want provided

How often do you reasonably see yourself heating up frozen meals? Every day for lunch? Twice a week? Think about how much food you really need to make sure you’re not over-ordering. 

Over-ordering isn’t too big of a deal. The food will last a long time in the freezer—you just have to make sure you’ll have room for it… 

How big is your freezer?

Some frozen meal companies offer 20-30 meal bundles, but do you even have room for that amount of food? I suggest double-checking before placing a big order.

How adventurous are you with food?

Take a good look at the menus of the services you’re considering. Will the menu satisfy your adventurous taste buds? And if you’re a picky eater, I suggest checking to make sure there’ll be enough dishes you’re comfortable with.

What’s your budget look like?

Ordering pre-prepared meals isn’t the cheapest way to eat, but it can still be much more affordable than eating out all the time. Be honest with your food budget and know it’s okay to say ‘no’ to the more expensive services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not quite sure about ordering frozen food for delivery? Here are some of the most common questions we get.

1. Is frozen food safe to ship?

Yes! All of these frozen meal delivery services ship your food in freezer packages overnight that keep it below freezing temperature. As long as you’re home to get the package out of the sun within a few hours of delivery, you have nothing to worry about.

The only issue would be food that’s above 40 degrees for more than 2 hours, which is very unlikely considering the freezer packaging. Your food would have to be sitting in direct sunlight for nearly 12 hours to reach that point.

2. How long does frozen food stay good for?

The USDA says that food stored below zero degrees is safe to eat indefinitely (so, always). The only issue is quality, which declines noticeably between 3 and 6 months.

3. Is frozen food less healthy than fresh food?

Actually, flash-frozen food (what all these companies sell) can actually be more healthy because the nutrients are almost perfectly preserved naturally. Fresh food decays over time, but since these meals are cooked from fresh, then frozen immediately, they are still very healthy.

We’re confident we’ve found the best frozen meal delivery services overall, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Agree with our picks—or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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